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You may be visiting this page because you think you want to hire a writer, blogger or branding/marketing consultant…but what you’re really looking for is a person to make your life easier. Someone who can create blog posts, articles, social media posts and branding strategies that engage readers, educate, and communicate your brand’s message. So you don’t have to.

That person is me.

When you hire me, you hire someone with years of experience, both as a writer and a marketer.  You hire someone with the passion, motivation and talent to transform dry facts into engaging content. You hire someone with the vision to craft a transformational branding strategy.

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You hire a genuine professional who gets results.

Whether you’re an individual who needs help communicating your message or a business in need of content that reflects your vision, I can help. With writing, content creation strategizing, social media management and branding consultation designed with one thing in mind: CONNECTING YOU WITH YOUR AUDIENCE.  

My writing has been featured in major magazines and top websites. Past clients include:

Thought Catalog

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Writer, Blogger, Digital Book Marketing Consultant

My Experience 

I have spent more than 10 years as a freelance writer and marketer and just as many absorbing intangible qualifications that cannot be learned from a book: resourcefulness, insight, adaptability and common sense are just a few. 

As for more traditional qualifications: I have a Bachelor’s degree from New York University and a Master’s degree from The University of Pennsylvania.

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A Few of the Things I Can Help You With

  • Branding Strategy for Individuals, Businesses, Charities
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Digital Branding
  • Blog Posts
  • Long Form Content & Feature Articles
  • Ghostwriting 
  • Content Marketing
  • Author & Book Promotion/Author Branding

Writer and Content Creation

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